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  • 2019 Team Building

    2019 Team Building

    Misero Biotechnology's annual company team building aims to promote cooperation and coordination between teams to achieve the common goal, this activity also builds trust and relationship with one another through fun games and activities. Rubber Boat Drifting Late Night Barbecue and Fun Activities
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  • Fragrance Mist Shipped to Nigeria

    Fragrance Mist Shipped to Nigeria

    Transparent fragrance mist and shimmering fragrance mist in 200ml and 250ml with all 32 exciting scents and its corresponding bold colors done and ready to ship, it has been an amazing and exciting experience for us and our customer. Wishing our customer a prosperous and booming business!
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  • Who we are - Misero

    Who we are - Misero

    Industry Leader Xiamen Misero Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a trading company with its own manufacturing plant with research and development, production line and processing of personal care products such as bath gift set, body wash, shower gel, body lotion, body scrub, moisturizing cream, bath salt, fragrance mist, body spray, shampoo, hair conditioner, hand cream, hand lotion, shaving cream and cosmetics like lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm and compact foundation. GMP Standard Production System Having 20,000 square meters state-of-the-art facility, 100 thousand graded purification room, strict production control program and professional quality control team, thus having stable quality and outstanding products. Strong Independent Research and Development Team With 43 registered staff all with the knowledge and experience needed to achieve the goal of total quality and reliable service Win-win Development Concept Endless development, boundless science research, Xiamen Misero Biotechnology with a global outlook always coming up with solutions for mutual benefit, we are wholly committed to continuous improvement while providing the best possible products and services to its customers at all levels within its organization. Our repeated success of completing numerous jobs for world-wide leaders since our beginning is a testament to our achievement in the large skin care industry.
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  • GMP Standard Factory

    GMP Standard Factory

    With an area of 10,000 square meters, the factory of Misero Biotechnology have fully operational research labs, several production lines, fully automatic filling line and 50 tons of daily production capacity. The manufacturing departments are all based on strict GMP standards and offers OEM services for products such as bath gift sets, body wash or shower gel, body lotion, body scrub, moisturizing cream, bath salt, fragrance mist, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, hand cream, shaving cream and cosmetic products such as lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm and compact foundation.
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  • Industry Leader of Xiamen

    Industry Leader of Xiamen

    With its headquarter in Xiamen, China, factory and research and development team of Misero Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is up to the challenge, from state of the art equipment to competitive staff members. Only a handful of factories in Xiamen have the characteristics of quick response to handling extreme overbooking, production line management, offer products that are in the market trend and build up a truly hot selling product.
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